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Only NY Inc

ONLY NY Inc was formed in 2007 by Micah Belamarich and Julian Goldstein, designers and long term friends with a passion for clothing and their hometown of west side Manhattan.

An independent brand, ONLY NY has its roots firmly in NYC's underground street-culture and for a relatively young company, has quickly garnered a national and international reputation for quality, timeless clothing. We are very proud to be selected as one of the few retailers of ONLY NY in the UK.

Ask Micah "What is ONLY NY?" and he will respond "it is just us and friends, keeping things simple and native to New York". Micah started flogging tees at 19 during his school vacations. With a hunger to do his own thing, he managed to sell $6k worth of just one design during the summer and realised that this could be the way forward for him. During a brief sojourn at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the brand was born along with the realisation that he already had the skills necessary to see this inception through. Being deeply ensconced in the New York street scene and being a keen skateboarder it is no surprise that his graffiti art became more and more distinct, with Micah's hand illustrated designs and ONLY NY logo achieving notoriety.

Following the inclusion of Goldstein into the equation, the first collection in 2007 was made up of just 5 key t-shirts which they had just spent their life savings to produce. Needing to pay the rent is always a good incentive to move things along and before long, with a little help from their friends, a basic online shop was created. Recognising the importance of social media, they started forwarding their link to the editors of street and style blogs. The designs were strong enough to warrant feature after feature and boom! ONLY NY was well and truly established as a major player in the streetwear fashion world

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