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The Quiet Life

The Quiet Life is a brand hailing from the birthplace of street wear, Los Angeles, CA. Renowned for their quirky graphics, great pocket t-shirts and a brilliant range of hats and 5 panel caps.

Initially a collaboration between Andy Mueller and Jennifer Pit, the project was joined by Anthony Garcia in May 2010.

The main architect behind the brand is Mueller who has his roots firmly planted in skateboarding, BMX, music and magazines. It became apparent, very early on that it was the art of image making and photo taking that made him tick.

Mueller has many a string to his bow; not only did he found a design studio called OhioGirl Design in 1993 in order to focus on his photography and film but a few years later went on to found The Quiet Life with a few friends. He also works full time at Girl Skateboards where he directs Lakai Ltd Footwear and designs skateboard deck graphics for Girl & Chocolate Skateboards while squeezing in freelance photography, design and the running of an independent music label called OhioGold Records.

Luckily it would appear that Mueller has enough love (& design talent) to spread around and we are so proud to be able to bring this superb collection to you here at Street Casuals.